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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shimano Stella Spinning Reel Features

One of the flagship reels for Shimano's SR® Concept, the Stella FD is smooth, silent, strong and, most important, reliable. It features the oversized 3D drive gear, 3BB oscillation, floating shaft, slider and a boltless and balanced magnesium body including frame and sideplates. The Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement uses a cold-forged aluminum drive gear with a special hardened brass pinion gear to give you a drivetrain that's more durable than stainless steel. It also stays smoother for a longer period than other gear systems.The Propulsion Line Management System uses a propulsion spool, SR one-piece bail wire, Power Roller III, redesigned bail trip mechanism and S-arm cam for longer, more accurate casts with less effort. They also drastically reduce the chance of backlash, wind knots or tangles. The Aerowrap II Oscillation worm gear also helps casting distance by reducing friction and increasing efficiency for maximum energy transfer. Shielded S A-RB bearings are protected by rubber or stainless steel. The rigid support drag is waterproof to keep sand and dirt from interfering. The maintenance port allows for easy lubrication of the drivetrain.Machined-aluminum handle with Septon® grips.


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